New Balanced Flue Gas Fire

fitted to existing Stone Fireplace
Fireplace provided by Mr. Gas Fire


Fireplace provided by Mr. Gas Fire


Gas Fires, as with all things mechanical eventually come to the end of their useful life. Sometimes it’s because they are faulty and parts are no longer available or it could just be that there is a more efficient and practical option now and you fancy a bit of a change! Mrs ‘M’ in Thame, who has no chimney, had had her Powerflue Gas Fire for about 20 years, the fan had become noisy and she was getting a draught through the open fire from outside however she didn’t want to change her Stone Fireplace. Mr. Gas Fires supplied and installed a Kohlangaz Durlston Balanced Flue gas fire which has a glass front and no mechanical fan so now Mrs ‘M’ has a fresh new look for her existing fireplace, more heat, no noise and no draught!