Very few homes these days are built with a chimney and an old-style stack that rises above the roofline. These chimneys with conventional flues rely on the natural circulation of hot air to expel combustion products up the chimney. And can work with glass-fronted or open fires.

Today’s modern balanced flue gas fires can be installed into existing chimneys without causing too much disruption. And can also be fitted into a false chimney breast which looks exactly like a brick fireplace. In these cases, the flue is hidden and all that you see is the natural-looking fire bed.

So, what is a balanced flue gas fire? Read on…

Be Balanced Flue Savvy

Balanced flue gas fires with no chimney required work with glass-fronted gas fires only. And are sometimes called closed combustion appliances. Due to this complete sealing draughts are eliminated – increasing heating efficiency.

The fire is connected to the outdoors through a concentric flue. Air is drawn from outside for combustion, and waste gases are expelled through the flue which is connected to the top of the fire – and vented directly through an outside wall.

Twin wall pipe vents pull air in through the outer pipe whilst the inner pipe removes the combustion gases and sends them outside. The pipe may be positioned horizontally through an external wall or vertically through the roof.

The air and gas needed for combustion circulate around the fire chamber and concentric flue – creating the greatest heat output without losing any excess energy. The glass used is heat resistant to prevent heat damage from the fire. And can be opened easily for cleaning.

The fires are room-sealed and highly attractive – as well as having high energy efficiency ratings. There is no need to provide any extra ventilation. And the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire hazards is nil.

Designs and Models

Balanced flue gas fires are available in a vast range of designs, shapes, and sizes. Models include letterbox, landscape and portrait designs. And can be two or three-sided. With natural-looking log and twig effects, pebbles, stones, and glass, the fires look stunning.

Bespoke outer frames can be made to enrich the appearance of the fires – a stone fireplace surround makes for an elegant and modern focal point. Balanced flue gas fires and surrounds also come in wood and marble, with interiors of gloss or matt black.

Other Chimney and Flue Systems

Look at the following descriptions to enable you to identify the type of flue you have – and see if the balanced flue gas fire is suitable for your property:

Conventional flue  – commonly recognised from a stone or brick chimney and a pre-cast chimney system – relying on the natural circulation of heating air expelling up the chimney

Pre-fabricated flue  – a class 1 option will have a metal flue cowl visible on the roof, or a short rectangular pot without a stack – creating the same flow of heated air as the brick or stone chimney

Pre-cast Flue  – easily identified by a metal flue cowl or a raised ridge terminal on the roof with a shallow depth – the natural passage of heated air gets rid of combustible products.

Additional Balanced Flue Facts

Here are a few more particulars that you may find interesting with regards to a balanced flue gas fire:

  • On average a balanced flue gas fire is up to 85% energy efficient;
  • It’s possible to produce a flame effect that closely resembles a real log fire;
  • Raising the flue by at least one metre will create tall realistic flames;
  • New burner technology creates denser flames and can be enhanced using mirrored Ceraglass;
  • Where there is no chimney the flue is hidden behind a false chimney breast;
  • If there is a chimney the flue can be left exposed – with a decorative cover or coating to match the fire;
  • If you prefer the flue to be concealed a cavity can be made in the brickwork.

Call in the Professionals

Balanced flue gas fire installation needs to be carried out by experts with years of experience – providing you with the right products and advice. You’ll get a survey, and a choice of traditional and contemporary fireplaces –or made-to-measure preferences.

And to complement the installation service you’ll be offered a service and repair option to keep your gas fire operating safely and efficiently.